Mid Life

Three women in jeans, leather jackets and sunglasses, walk down an alleyway towards the camera with 'attitude'.


Splash, Diverse City, Extraordinary Bodies - Image shows Hannah Cherry, a young girl with Downs Syndrome and a man with a white beard and a checked shirt standing next to one another, smiling

What Am I Worth?

2 aerial artists suspended and entwined from straps: a white man in a wheelchair faces a muscular black woman - she is kneeling on his legs. There is an explosion of powdered paint around them in pink, green, blue and orange.

Till We Win

Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists perform Till We Win at Lighthouse Poole - the young company are on stage, gathered together, shouting with fierce expressions and arms punching to the air.


2 photographs: one of circus artist Aislin Mulligan performing aerial with straps. The second: Jamie Beddard flying in the air in a harness, throwing a hat and confetti.

In C

David Young moves across centre stage in his wheelchair walker, the Paraorchestra musicians seated behind him. David's arms reach up, it looks like he is catching the light from the bright green lasers coming from back of the stage.

The Elephant Man

Jamie Beddard as Joseph Merrick; in costume wearing black trousers, white open casual shirt and braces. Sat in front of an old hospital screen curtain.


Extraordinary Bodies artists Aislinn Mulligan, David Ellington and Helen Orford perform Weighting on stage as the sun sets.


EBYA members Bec and Freya perform a duet on the aerial hoop.


Performers in costume on stage, singing and moving - Breathe, London 2012 Olympics