Signal Fire

Signal Fire image: fires crackling in a desert, stars shining above.

Signal Fire (n): A fire or light set up in a prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration.

In October and November, fires are lighting up across the UK with storytellers and audiences sharing in one of the original forms of theatre. The fires will signal the vibrancy of touring theatre, as well as the threat our industry continues to face.

A Signal Fire by Diverse City & Extraordinary Bodies

Join us, Diverse City and Extraordinary Bodies, our collaboration with Cirque Bijou, for an evening of connection and re-connection. Gathered around our digital fire, our community of artists will share stories, poems, songs and more. Come sit with us, light your own candle, maybe also share your own story on the live chat, and feel part of something warm on a crisp Autumn night.

YouTube live stream on Monday, November 2 at 8:00pm

(running time approximately 1 hour, join and leave as you please)

A button that reads: "Click her to join our digital Signal Fire".

We have put together a line-up of artists who we have worked with in the past and who we also continue to be connected to now. People who make both Diverse City and Extraordinary Bodies: Ted Barnes, Kandaka Moore, Dave Young, John Kelly, Karen Spicer and Skinny, and our team members Claire Hodgson and Eilis Bevan-Davis. Jamie Beddard, our Co-Artistic Director, will be hosting.


Mark Schofield is BSL interpreting the event, which will also be professionally captioned. All artists will also be encouraged to audio describe themselves and anything visual they share.

Who Runs Signal Fires?

Signal Fires is a project ran by Headlong Theatre that also involves companies from all around the UK. Click here to find our more about Signal Fires.

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