In C

David Young moves across centre stage in his wheelchair walker, the Paraorchestra musicians seated behind him. David's arms reach up, it looks like he is catching the light from the bright green lasers coming from back of the stage.

On 27th February 2019 Extraordinary Bodies once again joined forces with The British Paraorchestra, to collaborate on a completely unique performance of Terry Riley’s In C, at Birmingham’s Town Hall

“Our collaboration rewrote the rule book.
A stage groaning with talent, at least three quarters of it disabled;
Riley’s egalitarian brand of minimalism writ large through gesture – sonic and sculptural.
A rapt audience in collective held-breath and a tangible sense that nothing would ever be quite the same again.” 

Charles Hazelwood, Artistic Director, The British Paraorchestra

Mesmerising minimalist, classical contemporary music was accompanied by improvised movement on the floor and in the air. These two ground-breaking companies collided together to create an atmosphere, a feeling, a series of progressions. Unlike anything you will have seen before, British Paraorchestra and Extraordinary Bodies transfixed audiences in an aural and visual exploration.

In C is performed in the round; coupled with the semi-improvised nature of the piece, and the evolutionary performance of Riley’s score, no two audiences’ experiences are ever the same. The performance is also audio described.

See an image gallery and read reviews of the evening over on our recent blog post here.


About In C

Composed in 1964, In C consists of 53 short repeated melodies in C major. How often each melody is repeated, coloured or intensified, is completely the choice of each individual player – but each player also has a responsibility to the whole ensemble, and each performance is different to any other performance of the piece that has ever happened.

Performance at Colston Hall, June 2016

In June 2016, The British Paraorchestra invited Extraordinary Bodies and young emerging artists from Diverse City’s youth company Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists (EBYA), to collaborate on a performance of In C. This performance was part of a commission for Fast Forward Festival 2016 at Bristol’s Colston Hall.


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Photography credits: all images ©Paul Blakemore