Splash, Diverse City, Extraordinary Bodies - Image shows Hannah Cherry, a young girl with Downs Syndrome and a man with a white beard and a checked shirt standing next to one another, smiling


Splash! is a new show coming to the East Midlands this summer. Commissioned by the East Midlands Splash! Consortium and led by The Mighty Creatives, the show is presented by Extraordinary Bodies.

The Story

Splash! is a sensory performance event that follows a young woman, Flo, and her grandfather on a ‘shero’s journey’. Lost in a magical watery world full of strange sea creatures and underwater perils, Flo learns to take risks, gains independence and confidence, until she finally finds her way back home.
In an interactive, sonic water world, the story is told through circus, physical theatre, comedy and puppetry.

The Cast

Helen Cherry – Flo
Richard Headon – Lance
Milton Lopes
Rebecca Solomon
Donna Williams
Nikki Charlesworth

The Creative Team

Directed by: Jamie Beddard and Billy Alwen
Written by: Jamie Beddard, Billy Alwen, Donna Williams and Richard Headon
Set design by: Will Datson and Laura Guthrie
Puppets by: Nikki Charlesworth and Bryony Mccombie Smith
Costume by: Laura Guthrie and Ellie Stephens
Props by: Georgina Shire
Composed by: Shirley Pegna
Sound Design by: Michael Fergie

Creating the Show

Extraordinary Bodies have brought together a unique creative team in the world of outdoor arts to make this new show. This talented group bring together their skills to combine storytelling, circus, music and set design in many different ways. This new creative challenge combines all of these art-forms, but keeps the simple story about Flo at the heart of it all.

Creating an immersive world

Splash! will be outdoors in venues across the East Midlands. Extraordinary Bodies are creating a rich and immersive world that combines spatial sound design that surrounds the audience. The interactive sets, captivating puppets, props, plus new and exciting circus equipment bring creative ways to tell the story of Flo’s journey.

The Weather

Splash! is performed outside so please be prepared and bring sunscreen, hats, warm clothing and wet weather gear just in case! BUT If the weather is very wet or very windy we cannot perform safely and the show may be postponed or cancelled. To find out what is happening, please check updates on social media of the venue or festival you are attending.


If we have to postpone the show or we need time to dry off the set, the Splash! company offer an animated talk and ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the show’s story, characters, puppets and circus.
A postponement may last up to 30 minutes at which point you will be told if the show is going ahead.


If you booked a ticket for a cancelled show, the box office will get in touch with you about what to do next. If you are seeing Splash! at a free event or festival you may be able to come to a later show or come back another day.

For more information about the show, including Tour Dates, Access and Inclusion, visit the Extraordinary Bodies Splash! website pages.