Mid Life

Three women in jeans, leather jackets and sunglasses, walk down an alleyway towards the camera with 'attitude'.



Mid Life pauses three fierce women at a moment in time – the Menopause. Their bodies are changing and they have something to say. Mid Life unpacks real-life stories of loss, joy and transformation.
Hold tight. There’s a change coming.

Claire was the south east of England disco dancing champion in 1982. Surely, she can’t be menopausal.

Jacqui’s busy looking after the grandkids and keeping an eye on her ex-partner’s mum but there’s some stuff she needs to get off her chest.

Karen lives alone by the sea. She’s a survivor.

They are the midlife women – the unpaid carers, the up-all-nighters, the emotional load bearers, the shoulders to cry on, the school-runners and the piece-picker-upers. Join them as they unpack their lives hoping to find a way through the loss, mess, despair, frustration, freedom, joy and possibility of the middle years.

Three women in jeans and leather jackets, wearing sunglasses. They look cool. They pose to the camera leaning against a brick wall, with attitude.

“There is no greater power in the world
than the zest of a postmenopausal woman

Margaret Mead

The Story

Mid Life pauses three women in a moment in time. Three women whose bodies are changing and who feel they have something to say. Three women, at the midpoint, deciding how to think and feel about what came before, what to take with them as they move forward and what to leave behind. They voice their fears – of children leaving, of relationships ending, of parents dying, of their own mortality – and try to accommodate their losses. They get down into the muck and talk about sex, desire, rage, and flooding.

See the show

Ferment Fortnight

Work in progress showing at Bristol Old Vic: Thursday 11th July at 8pm and Saturday 13th July at 8pm. Run time is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. Audio Described and BSL interpreted. More information and tickets on the Bristol Old Vic website.

High Tide Festival

Work in progress showing at Church Hall: Thursday 12th September 2019. Audio Described and BSL interpreted. More information on the High Tide Festival website.


Diverse City is committed to making the performing arts accessible to all. Mid Life shows will be Audio Described and BSL interpreted. You can find more information about the venues’ accessibility on Bristol Old Vic‘s website for Ferment Fortnight dates and on High Tide festival’s website.

Access logos: Sign language, R, AD and wheelchair user symbols in blakc and white

The Mid Life Creative Team

Lucy Richardson, Director
Sheila Chapman, Writer
Isabel de Salis, Consultant
Jacqui Beckford, Actor
Claire Hodgson, Actor
Karen Spicer, Actor
Vicki Igbokwe, Choreographer and Movement Director
Tina Omotosho, Assistant Choreographer and Movement Assistant

We are looking for Co-Producing partners

Mid Life is ready for Co-Producing partners to support the development and premiere of this new show, available from early 2020.

We are looking for venues to tour

The show will be for small scale studio spaces and non-theatre spaces with black out facilities from early 2020. Suitable for all audiences, recommended for 14+ years, targeted particularly to women, their families and friends, partners and colleagues.

Download the Mid Life Promoter’s Pack here.

Contact Claire Hodgson for more details about how to book: Claire@diversecity.org.uk

Photography credits: © Alexa Ledecky