EBYA members Bec and Freya perform a duet on the aerial hoop.

Becoming is about growing up.

Becoming is being in that stage somewhere between 16 and 22 years old, when you are not yet qualified to be a grown up, but no one lets you act like a child. It’s about feeling ready to get a job or go to university but feeling like you still want to ask your mum to make your packed lunch.

It’s that time when you finally move out and then find yourself making big decisions alone. It’s about learning to cope with the loss of a parent before the time is right. It’s about coming to terms with your past and getting ready for the future.

It’s about friendship and the people who support us during this time. Those people are possibly some of the most influential people we will ever meet. It’s about the experiences we have together. They shape us. They raise us.

It’s not yet arriving at the destination, but constantly Becoming the person you really are.

Becoming is written, devised and performed by Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Crowdfunder campaign in 2017, raising over £5,000 to take Becoming on tour. Thanks to you, the show premiered at Lighthouse Poole and toured to Poole’s Roundabout Festival and Circus City in Bristol.

Photography credits: ©Keziah Benbow (1-7 and header photo); ©Will Clarke (8, 9, 10)