Rehearsals begin for groundbreaking new show from Extraordinary Bodies

2 aerial artists suspended and entwined from straps: a white man in a wheelchair faces a muscular black woman - she is kneeling on his legs. There is an explosion of powdered paint around them in pink, green, blue and orange.

What am I Worth? is the groundbreaking new show that shines a light on seven extraordinary cast members from across the world, including the US, Germany, Ireland and the UK. They tell the story of what happens to us when there’s not enough to go around. Who costs more than we can afford? Who’s worth keeping and who loses out? And what part does our identity play in the decision?

David Ellington, John Kelly, Alfa Marks, Amelia Cavallo, Dergin Tokmak, Aislinn Mulligan, Jonny Leitch make up the new Extraordinary Bodies cast.
Find out more about each artist on the Extraordinary Bodies website here.

7 extraordinary artists stand in a line; left to right: a white man in a wheelchair holding a guitar, a white woman with long brown hair, a tall black man in a bright pink top, a white woman with a short bob and a walking stick, a white man in a wheelchair, a man with hair tied up holding crutches, a black woman in bold blue dress laughing.

Following a residency with The National Theatre’s New Work Department and time devising at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, Extraordinary Bodies are off to The Point Eastleigh for 2 weeks of rehearsals this May to finalise the show on their transformative new aerial set.

The bespoke set created especially for What Am I Worth? by Will Datson, is a new piece of non-traditional circus equipment that enables all types of bodies to hang, balance, climb and swing from it. It’s an intriguing set that holds lots of excitement, possibility and risk. It transforms from one scene to the other, moving at different tempos and teetering on and off balance.

The 7 Extraordinary Bodies artists posing and moving around the new aerial set; a large circular structure suspended from both sides, with a cage-like feature and a ladder in the centre.

The set demands that artists work together co-operatively, otherwise they risk being thrown off. Our artists have created new techniques, adapted their skills, and taken risks in order to work with it in a way that shows off their abilities.

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A white man in a wheelchair is suspended from aerial straps, with a strong black woman kneeling from his lap, pulling herself up on aerial straps. There is powdered paint billowing around the two circus artists in pink, green, blue and orange. The text 'What Am I Worth' is across the middle of the photograph.


Photos: ©Dom Moore [1]; ©Paul Blakemore [2,3]