Mid Life: Work-In-Progress Performances Announced

Three women, struggling. One is dragging herself on the floor, another is standing with her arms crossed on her chest, the third one in the background is leaning again a wall.

Following a fruitful week of exploration and sharing at London’s Brixton Community Base last month, Mid Life continues to grow with its first three work-in-progress performances announced.

Last month, the Mid Life team spent a week experimenting at Brixton Community Base. They were joined by Uchenna Dance Creative Director and Choreographer Vicki Igbokwe who helped the cast develop movement routines, and Audrey Simmons who provided live BSL interpretation. The week ended in an open sharing of work-in-progress, with a Q&A feedback session.

A diverse group of people sitting on chairs in a circle. A woman wearing a white top and blue jeans speaks to them. In the background on the left, a man is recording the feedback session

“I went along expecting something along the lines of women supporting each other through a difficult time and was totally blown away, unexpectedly moved and left feeling actually quite excited about the menopause and the changes that midlife might bring. I’ve never heard this narrative before.”

Hannah Walsh, Audience member

Fast forward to this month: Bristol Old Vic’s Ferment Fortnight and High Tide Festival Aldeburgh released their official programmes. Both feature Mid Life work-in-progress. The first dates will allow us to test out elements of the show’s script and form. We need to hear from audiences on where to go next, what to leave out and what to take into rehearsal. Seeing the show at Ferment Fortnight or High Tide is your chance to help shape an amazing, ground-breaking piece about the menopause and what lies beyond.

Black and white photo of three women. One has short blonde hair and raises her hand towards the ceiling. The second is a woman of colour with long braided black hair and a flower in it. The last one has short curly grey hair. Two are standing next to one another, the other is sitting in a suitcase. They all look towards the camera with a look of determination in their eyes.

Tickets for Ferment Fortnight, Bristol · £5 · Thursday 11 + Saturday 13 July · 8:00pm

Tickets HighTide Festival Aldeburgh · £10 · Thursday 12 September · 7:00pm

“Mid Life is a re-imagining of menopause – a new story about how you can become a fiercer braver version of yourself . But we need to change society so that women experiencing symptoms are supported by workplaces and communities. We need the world to adjust to us, rather than our having to adjust to fit in. I am excited because it is amazing to be in your forties, fifties and beyond as a woman and Mid Life is a sharing of this, on stage. It is so rare to see menopausal women in main roles, talking honestly about their lives.”

Claire Hodgson, Mid Life Performer & Diverse City Joint Artistic Director

Find out more about the show here.

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