Crowdfunder 2017 Supporters

Thank you to everyone who supported the Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists Crowdfunder 2017. Your pledges helped an extraordinary company of diverse, disabled and non-disabled young performers tour their show Becoming.

A massive thank you to the following super supporters and those who pledged anonymously:

Dorset County Council
Bob Bevan-Jones
Zoe Buttling
Mark Dougherty
Les Finnemore
Christine H
Christina Hustler
Time Won’t Wait
Julie Thomas
Katie Thomas
Kate Tyndall
Adrian Vinken
Joshua Ward
Pat Young
Phillippa Young

Thank you to the following people who have also pledged their support to our campaign:

Sharon Atkins
Amy Barbor
Jacqui Beckford
Liz Bevan-Jones
Vanessa Brooks
Bob / Joan Brown
Louise Brown
Becky Chapman
Sheila Chapman
Helen Costello
Liz Craig
Alice Chutter
Jodie Curley
Eilis Davis
Maya & Adam
Lucy Galloway
Helen Gialias
Tam Gilbert
Isobel Harrison
Geoff Jackson
Elaine Jennings
David Lockwood
Rose Long
Andrea Mann
Nathalie Mcdermott
Carlos Pereira
Rosie Russell
Molly Scarborough
Sharon Schofield
Anna Ward