Diverse City is an award winning organisation committed to diversity and equality in the arts.
We are an engine of artistic and social change.


Extraordinary Bodies artists Aislinn Mulligan and David Ellington, perform on stage, Aislinn is high in the air performing on straps, David reaches his hand up to her whilst sat on the large bridge.

Training & Consultancy

Extraordinary Bodies artists and participants sit in a circle at Plymouth's Creative Explorations workshop

Extraordinary Bodies

Extraordinary Bodies, What Am I Worth? performance shot from Sunderland 2018: As the structure spins, Aislinn is climbing and balancing a top the set.

Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists

EBYA and young people from Bristol Old Vic's Theatre School, perform to an audience in Colston Hall's lobby.

Our creative teams are always representative of the population as a whole. As we start to rebuild better, please support our movement for Justice, Creativity, Collaboration and Optimism. Donate £5: text EXTR003 to 70970, £10: text EXTR003 to 70191, online: https://buff.ly/31w2Z91

With ‘Breathe’ proving a success, @diversecity1 & @cirquebijou made their partnership official with the launch of Extraordinary Bodies. Initial support from @artscouncilofengland & @EsmeeFairbairnFoundation planted the strong roots for the #FutureOfCircus