The Elephant Man

Jamie Beddard as Joseph Merrick; in costume wearing black trousers, white open casual shirt and braces. Sat in front of an old hospital screen curtain.

What am I Worth?

2 aerial artists suspended and entwined from straps: a white man in a wheelchair faces a muscular black woman - she is kneeling on his legs. There is an explosion of powdered paint around them in pink, green, blue and orange.

Mid Life

Claire Hodgson sat with a mug in her hands, looking to a group of people, smiling.


2 photographs: one of circus artist Aislin Mulligan performing aerial with straps. The second: Jamie Beddard flying in the air in a harness, throwing a hat and confetti.

Becoming (2017)

EBYA members Bec and Freya perform a duet on the aerial hoop.


Extraordinary Bodies artists Aislinn Mulligan, David Ellington and Helen Orford perform Weighting on stage as the sun sets.

In C

Breathe: London 2012 Olympics

Performers in costume on stage, singing and moving - Breathe, London 2012 Olympics