A celebration of equality in the arts.

Doing Things Differently is an event that reaches right across a town, city or region to reveal and celebrate diversity. The event shares ideas that move us towards equal representation on stage, off stage and in the audience, through a series of performances, exhibitions, workshops and talks.
Doing Things Differently is a partnership with Bristol City Council.

To set up Doing Things Differently in your town or city, please email: hello@doingthingsdifferently.org.uk and visit the website.


2017 – Bristol

This autumn, Doing Things Differently partners Bristol Festival of Puppetry on Interchange, their new space for dialogue about puppetry and diverse communities.
Interchange asks whether puppetry can provide a radical new voice for difference and celebrate diversity. Can it harness the talents of practitioners with additional needs and change how it is made or presented, so that puppetry is more diversely owned?

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2016 – Bristol

Presented by Diverse City and Bristol City Council Culture Team, Doing Things Differently attracted audiences of 4,000 people to performances, experiences, talks, workshops and exhibitions. The programme of events highlighted and reflected Bristol’s vibrant, diverse communities and supported creativity across the city.

Highlights included Extraordinary Bodies performing Weighting in Bristol’s Castle Park, workshops led by artists and cultural leaders, collaborations with Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists and Bristol Old Vic’s Theatre School, award winning Visual Vernacular artists, questioning the museum and gallery norms and ‘Waving Goodbye to Victorian Dad‘, as well as a poignant exhibition by People Dancing.
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Photography Credits: ©Joe Clarke; ©Richard Brown (2);