A new outdoor show, touring from summer 2018.

Seven extraordinary artists dance, fly, catch, play and sing on a flying, tipping, and spinning stage. They grapple with what it means to value each other in a world of instant judgments.

What Am I Worth? explores what it’s like when human value is taken apart and reassembled. As each performer’s true worth is revealed how will our perceptions of neighbours, colleagues, community and family change?

What am I Worth? is available for touring from summer 2018 and into 2019. Citizen Artists and community collaborators are at the heart of every performance.

The show was created after a year of Creative Exploration with communities in 10 locations across the UK and Ireland, supported by Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence Fund and with residencies at the National Theatre’s New Work Department.

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7 extraordinary artists stand in a line; left to right: a white man in a wheelchair holding a guitar, a white woman with long brown hair, a tall black man in a bright pink top, a white woman with a short bob and a walking stick, a white man in a wheelchair, a man with hair tied up holding crutches, a black woman in bold blue dress laughing.

Directors: Billy Alwen and Claire Hodgson
Writer: Hattie Naylor
Associate Director: Aislinn Mulligan
Composer: Ted Barnes
Set design and build: Will Datson
Costume: Jo Paul
Devised by the company.

For more information or bookings, contact: info@extraordinarybodies.org.uk

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A white man in a wheelchair is suspended from aerial straps, with a strong black woman kneeling from his lap, pulling herself up on aerial straps. There is powdered paint billowing around the two circus artists in pink, green, blue and orange. The text 'What Am I Worth' is across the middle of the photograph.

Photography credits: ©Dom Moore