An all female show about how to have a glorious, messy mid life crisis.

Are you being accosted by a bewildering set of physical changes?
Might you be losing your mind?
Do you have a faint unease you are in the wrong life?
Do you think you are no way near to reaching your potential?

What will you do with your left life? 
Carol Ann Duffy

Mid Life looks at the taboos of middle age and all that it brings – dead parents, young children, despair, the menopause and existential crisis (all at once if you are unlucky). It is about the big realisation that you have lived over half your life already and asks what will you do with what’s left.

Created by Claire Hodgson, Mid Life is currently in research and development.

We are touring a listening booth around the country to collect stories of women from different communities. Would you be happy to share your story of mid life and talk in the booth? Or are you running a venue or event that the booth could visit?
Email for more details about how to get involved.


Photography credits: © Alexa Ledecky