This document outlines terms and conditions of being a member of the youth company Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists (EBYA).
Successful auditionees who are offered a place in the company are asked to sign a copy of these terms and conditions at the start of term.
Any questions can be directed to Eilis Davis:



We will give a full list of dates for each term to all members when they join the company in February 2018. 

Core sessions are held once a week in the evenings during term time at Lighthouse Poole from 7:00pm – 8:30pm.
The first session of 2018 will begin at the start of February, date to be confirmed.

Aerial skills training is held for one day intensives during school holidays or weekends, approximately 1 session per month.
The first aerial session of 2018 will be 12th February.

All sessions are an essential part of creating and devising our shows. If you cannot come to a session you must tell EBYA Artistic Director Eilis Davis as soon as possible.

Members of EBYA ask each other to be fully committed to the company. We have a 3 absences rule. If you miss more than 3 sessions then you will not be able to perform in EBYA shows.



Core Weekly sessions & Aerial skills training
Fee is £65 per term for each company member.
Fees are payable online by Eventbrite at the start of each term.
In 2018 fees are due for payment on:

Monday 5th February 2018     £65
Monday 16th April 2018          £65
Monday 3rd September 2018   £65 

Additional activities
A small fee may be charged for Theatre trips, masterclasses and workshops.
These are non-compulsory and bursaries will always be available.

Diverse City has a small number of bursaries (free places) available to those who are passionate about being part of EBYA but cannot afford it.Please talk to us if the money is a problem. We will always work with you to find a solution.
To apply for a bursary please submit your application here.



Diverse City provide qualified support and access workers at every session. If you have your own support worker please let us know if you would like them to attend alongside you. All sessions are inclusive and are in fully accessible spaces with accessible toilets. We are committed to creating rehearsal rooms that welcome everyone.



Diverse City artists and support workers all hold up to date DBS checks and have agreed to the company’s comprehensive safeguarding and risk assessment policies.



All EBYA members are asked to consent to their personal data and photographic and videoed image being stored by Diverse City and used in the following ways.

Photography and film may be used in publicity materials such as our website and leaflets, official social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, for the purposes of sharing information, promoting events and for publicity.

Personal Data:
All members reserve the right not to give consent and this will be respected and adhered to by the Diverse City team.

EBYA members must switch off their personal phones and cameras during all sessions unless instructed otherwise by the session leader.



Being in EBYA is a lot of fun and a place where lifelong friendships are made.

If you are not happy about anyone’s behaviour for any reason please talk confidentially to our support staff or Artistic Director Eilis Davis to raise your concerns.

EBYA members also represent the company at workshops, events and shows. Members behave in a professional and mature way and above all, respect and support the diverse make up of the company.