“Diverse City’s work is truly pioneering; they are cultural entrepreneurs working towards a step-change in the sector.
The ambition of the company – to place diverse groups at the centre of the industry –
reaches wide into the fields of training, leadership, performance, professional development and the culture of the workplace.”
Arts Council England


Diverse City is an award-winning organisation committed to equality and diversity in the arts.

Diversity is central to our name, our art, and our values.
Our mission is to make extraordinary shows that represent the world as it actually is.
We want to break barriers and transform performance to change the lives of performers, audiences and communities.
We are an engine of artistic and social change and our dream is a world where all identities are respected and valued.

How do we do this?

We create exceptional shows with a diversity of artists.
We reveal hidden stories, silenced voices and excluded talents.
We make unlikely alliances that increase representation in the arts on and off stage and in the audience.
We champion inclusive practice through training & coaching.

  • “Diverse City are a small company with a very big voice, who clearly and confidently
    strive to change the way society works, making sure everyone has an equal share.”
    Partner organisation.

  • “Diverse City are quite simply taking inequality and under representation
    and wrestling them to the ground with bravery, creativity and sheer hard work.”

    Nomination for the National Diversity Awards 2014


Timeline of Diverse City's achievements